Allegheny Cycling Association (ACA) Membership, Payment & Points - Policy

January 1, 2020


    Members are must apply for Allegheny Cycling Association (ACA) Membership and Season Passes via the ACA Web Site using the electronic forms provided.

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    At the "posted time" of their submitted electronic application, the ACA presently extends the courtesy of considering them an active Member of the ACA and a holder of a Season Pass (as applicable), including all associated rights and responsibilities.


    Upon receiving the rider's e-application, the ACA will issue an invoice to the applicant, emailed to the address submitted on the application. These invoices are due immediately upon receipt, as Membership has already been extended by the ACA as described above.

    Upon issuance of the invoice, the applicant has 30 days from the date of the invoice to make payment by check, cash or using Paypal (the preferred method) as directed on the invoice without loosing the privileges of membership, or being required to pay race entry fees for each race they enter until their Season Pass payment is received. These individual entry fees are non-refundable after the Season Pass payment is received.

    Once paid, Memberships and Season Passes are valid through December 31st of that year.


    If a racer finishes a race which might award him/her points in the series, those points will not be given to that rider if payment was not received prior to that race.


    Payment - A list of outstanding invoices will posted at the Registration Table in order for each racer to "police themselves" regarding their Membership status.


    Conduct of Allegheny Cycling Association members will be governed by the rules of the USA Cycling (USAC).

          USA Cycling Rulebook

    Additionally, anyone who demonstrates repeated actions that are in conflict with the best interests of the Allegheny Cycling Association, including, but not limited to, un-sportsman-like conduct, abusive behavior, the disruption of races or Club affairs, the interference in the duties of the Board of Directors or their assigns, or be the cause for safety concern within a race, shall be subject to sanctions as determined by the ACA Board of Directors through a Super-Majority (75%) vote.

    Sanctions of the Allegheny Cycling Association shall not be in conflict with the current USAC Rulebook, and may result in up to and including, but not be limited to, refusal, suspension or termination of ACA Club Membership and all rights therein.


    Any sanctions imposed by the ACA Board of Directors, including the term of said sanctions, shall be communicated to the rider via email & registered mail, and copied to their Team Director (via email) as applicable.


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