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Revised January 2005
Amendments to Previous Charter Marked by Italics

The Club shall be called the "Allegheny Cycling Association" and its aim is to conduct and organize bicycle racing for riders of all abilities within Western Pennsylvania and to encourage nationwide competition of its members.

There shall be four (4) officers, who shall hold office for 12 months or until the next election. A Board of Directors shall be elected to assist the Officers in conducting Club business. All currently licensed USCF Officials licensed as ACA Officials shall also be members of the Board of Directors. Elections shall be held before the Annual Meeting, with results announced at the Annual Meeting. Election and other motions shall be submitted to the Board beforehand. Motions that are proposed and seconded will appear on the ballot. In order to pass, motions will require a majority vote of participating paid members whose votes are received or postmarked prior to an announced deadline. Paid members (membership is due January 1st for a calendar year) shall be permitted to vote once, via online or by paper ballot. An election committee shall be created by the BOD to administer the election.

A Board of Director's position which becomes vacant shall be filled by the first Alternate from the previous election's results. An Alternate shall be the Board of Director's nominee who received the next highest number of votes after the current board's members. If the first alternate declines to fill the vacancy, then the next alternate shall be asked to fill the position, and so forth until the vacancy is filled.

An Officer's position which becomes vacant shall be filled at the discretion of the remaining Officers and Board of Directors.

The PRESIDENT is empowered to sit on all committees and is to steer business in the best interest of the membership.

The VICE PRESIDENT will assist the President in the discharge of his/her duties and to officiate in his/her absence.

The TREASURER will keep accounting records for the receipt of income and payment of bills. He/she will maintain Club banking accounts and will provide a balance sheet periodically for meetings of officers and annually for inspection by members. Checks shall require two signatures, that of the Treasurer and any other officer. He/she will prepare an operating budget for approval by the officers.

The SECRETARY will record minutes of officer's meetings, will receive all membership applications and dues, which are to be periodically deposited into the appropriate Club account. A membership list will be maintained and made available at least once per year for publication. The official address of the Club shall be that of the Secretary. The duties of the Secretary shall additionally include distribution of Summary Meeting Minutes of the Board Meetings to paid ACA members who make written request of such to the active ACA Secretary. The Summary Minutes will be available to paid membership only after both the official Meeting Minutes AND the Summary Minutes have been commented, corrected and approved by the current Board of Directors.

Officers shall meet as necessary to conduct Club business and to approve the organization of Club affairs in the best interest of the membership. These meetings shall be open and publicized to the general membership. A minimum of three persons shall be present before business can be approved by vote and enacted. All motions shall be by proposal and seconded before voting. Issues with divided voting must be tabled to the next meeting unless all additional votes are obtained by phone.

Officers shall set up committees of two or more members to handle specific affairs and matters. Non-binding recommendations from these committees shall be considered and approved before enactment.

The Club shall hold a general meeting each calendar year, and shall be held in the Fall, after the racing season has ended.

Any officer, who in the unanimous opinion of other officers is deemed to have acted flagrantly against the best interests of the Club and its members shall be suspended by vote of remaining officers. There shall be a vote taken at the next general meeting to remove such person from office and to fill the vacancy.

The Club shall affiliate with the United States Cycling Federation (USCF), provided the officers agree that proper racing regulation, control, and organizational benefits are to be gained.

The Club shall maintain a current set of "Racing Rules" which will apply to all Club races and competitions; these will follow those of the USCF except where decided by vote of the membership.


  1. ACA events will be held rain or shine unless weather conditions or lack of race support causes dangerous conditions. The race organizers have the option of substituting other events or shortening the events due to inclement weather or low rider turnout, or cancellation due to inclement weather or lack of race support personnel.
  2. A United State Cycling Federation (USCF) approved helmet must be worn in all ACA events and on the race course at all times.
  3. Some type of sleeved jersey or shirt must be worn during all ACA events.
  4. USCF racing rules shall apply where the subject is not specifically covered under these by-laws.

  1. The race administration will collect entry fees and control registration.
  2. The race administration will conduct the race organization and will be responsible for organizing members into a rota system to sweep the course, if necessary. If any member neglects to sweep after being requested he/she will be disqualified from racing that day.

  1. The cost for the weekly criteriums will be determined by the Officers. One must register at the registration table before their race begins or that person will not be considered part of the race and be excluded from the results tabulation.
  2. No warm-ups will be allowed on the course while a race is in progress. If a rider must ride on the course to get to the starting line, he/she will ride single file on the extreme right and only up to the starting area.
  3. When two races are being held concurrently, riders may not ride with riders from the other class. An example: B riders are not permitted to ride with the A riders and visa-versa. If the B's must pass the A's in a sprint for the finish or a prime, the A's must hold their position until the pack of B's get by. The same procedure applies for the B's when the A's pass them.
  4. Lapped riders are not permitted to contest with the ahead pack for the finish.
  5. No free laps under eight laps to go in the race.
  6. Any failure to abide by these rules may result in disqualification for that night, with possible suspension of racing privileges for a week or more.
  7. A Class A rider must hold an USCF Category 1, 2 or 3 racing license. A Class B rider must hold an USCF Category 3 or 4 racing license. A Class C rider must hold an USCF Category 4 or 5 license. All USCF "One Day" license holders shall race in Class C.

  1. The point system shall be: 1st = 10, 2nd = 8, 3rd = 6, 4th = 5, 5th = 4, 6th = 3, 7th = 2, and 8th = 1.
  2. The points system shall be applied regardless of the number of competitors. Only ACA members can accumulate points.
  3. Club championships shall be decided by totaling points scored throughout the points season and shall apply for categories A, B, and C. Six places in each category.
  4. Additional club championships shall be for Women, Juniors (under19), and Veterans (over 35). Age as of December 31st of current year to count. Up to three places in each group.
  5. To advance to another category, one must petition the ACA USCF Officials Committee who will assign the ACA Coaching Committee to check on the rider's progress. Members may petition to move to the B category if they have won three C events during one season or placed in the top six six times. Moving to the A category shall require more rigorous standards. The decision of the ACA Coaching Committee shall be final. All advancing riders must hold the appropriate USCF racing license.
  6. When moving up categories a member maintains his points scored from the former category and starts from zero in the new category.

  1. Time Trial registration fees shall be determined by the Officers.
  2. Time Trial championships may be held in the A, B, C, Womens, Juniors (under 19), and Veterans (over 35) categories. Age as of December 31st of current year to count. Three awards in each category.
  3. If a member does not have a category (ie: does not race criteriums) he/she shall qualify for the time trial championship which has been decided by the ACA Coaching Committee and/or the ACA USCF Officials Committee.

  1. Points accumulated in the ACA Stage Race shall be scored separately from the other ACA championships and will comprise a separate championship.
  2. A rider may not move down categories to race in the Stage Race.

  1. In the case or rain or threatening weather, ACA events may be held. However, if only a few competitors attend, the categories may be combined and category points will be individually awarded. Therefore, in the case of rain or threatening weather the races may start earlier.
  2. If there are a high number of C racers, the race may be divided into two groups for safety purposes. Division shall be administered by the ACA Coaching Committee and/or the ACA Officials Committee. Members having points already accumulated shall compete for points in race #1 and members without points in race #2. No points shall be scored for race #2 when held.


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